Our Philosophy - Winemaking

It's a well known fact that wines made from the highest quality fruit require a lot less wine "making", therefore our goal at Robert Clay Vineyards is to focus on the  winegrowing so that our wines can express themselves without having to be manipulated in our winery.  To accomplish this we only use estate grown fruit that we have complete control of from pruning to harvest--we control the quality, therefore we control how much wine "making" has to happen before the fruit ever comes into our winery.  

We are advocates of time and patience.   For Robert Clay Vineyards, extended aging is fundamental to create wines that are balanced, stable, and can be bottled without fining or filtering.  

Robert Clay Vineyards is dedicated to making wines of personality and individual character.  Unmanipulated, aged wines full of expression and as healthy as they can be for you and your family.