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"They strive to be pesticide-free, free of added sulfites, additive-free and use natural wild yeasts for fermentation."
Good-Natured Wines
edible Houston - June 08, 2020
"Mr. McLaughlin is one of very few Texas growers trying to farm organically. On grassy, sandstone fields amid chickens and geese, he tends grenache, barbera, chardonnay, mourvèdre and viognier, along with other varieties. "
In Texas, Winemakers Find Room to Roam
The New Your Times - May 16, 2019
"In the Hill Country, you see some great things happening with Tallant Vineyards and Robert Clay Vineyards in Mason County, and Salt Lick Vineyards and Klein Vineyards in Hays County. The collaborative effort is inspiring, and Texas wineries now have a lot of great relationships to foster."
You Should Consider Texas Wine For Your Fall And Holiday Celebrations
Forbes - October 30, 2019
"If there was any winemaker to encapsulate natural wine in Texas right now, it’s Dan McLaughlin at Robert Clay Vineyards. The Mason Country producer made the switch to organic farming and unsulfited winemaking in 2016 at the suggestion of tablemate Krista Scruggs."
Inside Wild World, The Great New Texas Natural Wine Festival
Sprudge - May 29, 2019
"I felt like I needed to see the difference -- the impact in the wine and on the palate compared to conventionally made wine, so I started experimenting."
Rock & Vine - October 01, 2019
"The grape growing industry has really taken shape in Texas and the only way it’s going to proliferate is if students are exposed to what it’s all about at a young age."
Cultivating the Future Grape Growers of Texas
Texas Monthly - November 18, 2015
Dan McLaughlin
Grape farmer at heart, winemaker by necessity., 5126338086
Jeanie McLaughlin
There's no title that would do her justice! Let's just say Jeanie is our secret sauce, and we are so glad to have her!
Julian Kelly
Dan's sidekick in the vineyard and winery!
Moral support and buyer of 90% of the fruit we sell.
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