Our Philosophy - Winegrowing

Robert Clay Vineyards aims to get the highest quality fruit by continuously seeking to understand the unique aspects of each grape varietal and how they react to the seasons, soil combinations, diverse farming practices and climatic conditions.  This approach requires steadfast patience and willingness to harvest only when the fruit has achieved physiological ripeness, when the fruit is most expressive.  The same philosophy is carried out in the process of making their wines.  We believe additives are not appropriate to the highest terroir expression.  While some producers look to technology as a route to great wines, our focus is hands-on farming and working in sync with nature.  We take great pride in minimizing human intervention and wine movement, so the wines can capture the integrity of every single block.   

“We do not employ farm certification systems, as we believe that they should not be used for marketing purposes.  The true motivation behind our farming practices is for the good of the land, those who work it and for the future generations to whom it truly belongs.” -Dan McLaughlin

In Texas, the growing season begins as early as February, when buds start to break and extend into the still-sweltering days of fall. Dan insists on being present for every aspect of the growing season, from the first cut to the last picked grape.  Ensuring a healthy balance with the natural landscape Dan is able to create the best environment for plant growth. 

“We aim to imprint the terroir, land, and vintage into the bottle so you can enjoy our part of the world and its history, by drinking our wines wherever you are.”

-Dan McLaughlin 

Robert Clay Vineyards philosophy of winegrowing is rooted in making wines that reflect their place in the world, wines that are made in and from the vineyard.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.

With the right care and dedication, natural winemaking for them is not just a trend, but the original and most authentic form of winegrowing.  It is what all winemakers did before sulfur was mined, acids, animal-by products, toxic chemicals and a thousand other additives were used in vineyards and wineries.  Robert Clay Vineyards also advocates for time and patience once the wine comes to rest in the cellar.   For us, extended aging is fundamental to create wines that are balanced, stable, and can be bottled without fining or filtering.  

“It is our passion for the vine, unwavering patience, attention to detail, and minimal intervention throughout the entire process that provides for the highest quality fruit each vintage” -Dan McLaughlin

Robert Clay Vineyards is dedicated to making wines of personality and individual character.  Unmanipulated, aged wines full of expression and as healthy as they can be for you and your family.  Cheers!