• Wine is the ultimate expression of a farmer and a place

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Vin Presque Naturel

While the whole industry struggles to agree on one natural wine definition, for us, it is very straightforward: our wines are the result of working within and together with nature, as we deeply believe in transparency and authenticity

We care for making wines with character and personality, while working closely with the biodiversity surrounding our unique slice of Texas Hills AVA.

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Texas true vigneron

Starting in 1996 by Paul and Nancy Buist, Robert Clay Vineyards is named after Robert & Clay, the Buist's two boys. In 2012, Dan recognized and affirmed the spiritual connection between man and vineyard, the importance of winegrowing to society and culture. Soon after that revelation on his first trip to Mason, Jeanie and Dan Mclaughlin decided to relocate their family there, to pursue Dan's dream of building a farm where he could create a lasting legacy of compromise and patience. Since they took over Robert Clay, Dan's passion and intuition have led them through an exciting road of learning and discovery that has already position Dan as "Texas true vigneron"

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2526 Streeter Lane, Mason, Texas

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm
Saturday, 11am - 9pm
Sunday, 11am - 5pm

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