Robert Clay Vineyards

Steal Dan's Fruit / Merlot 181 - Row 27

Steal "Dan's" Merlot 181:

Everything is for sale for the right price, that includes the fruit I've hand selected for my own wines for the season.  Each season I hand select rows from our vineyard and I personally dormant, and final prune every vine for our Estate wines that vintage.  When you bid on my fruit it's for one season only--you're basically stealing my fruit for the season.  These rows will be very low yield and the highest of quality.  **ALL BIDS ON DAN'S FRUIT ARE FINAL AND PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL AT CLOSE OF THE AUCTION. DON'T BID UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING--THE PRICE IS HIGH FOR A REASON.  AUCTIONS OF DAN'S FRUIT WILL CLOSE JULY 4TH.**

Bidding FAQ's:
- No contracts. I sell to friends and people I trust. 
- You're bidding on the row, regardless of how much it produces. 
- The row is yours for one vintage only.
- We have hail netting, so the biggest risk is spring frost.  If there is a complete loss then you will only owe what NAP Insurance doesn't cover.
- 100% is due at close of bidding. 
- If you have anymore questions, call me. 

Grape Details

Varietal: Merlot
Clone(s): Merlot ENTAV-INRA ® 181 authorized clone from ENTAV in France
Rootstock: SO4
Vine Age: 24 years
Status: Planted
Vineyard block planted and producing fruit. 
Missing vines are being replanted with own rooted vines. 

Block Design

Row Spacing: 10
Row Orientation: 0.52
Vine Spacing: 6-7
Vine Training System: VSP Trellis


Annual Grape Production: 200-300 lbs
Date Planted: May 1996