Surrounded by thirty acres of rolling hills, Robert Clay is perched on a sun-kissed ridge top in the Texas Hill AVA.


With the right care and dedication, natural winemaking is for us, not just a trend, but the original and most authentic form of winegrowing. Its what all winemakers did before they mined sulfur and purified bags of tartaric acid & animal by-products & toxic chemicals & a thousand other additives in the vineyards and winery. 


We believe that man must intervene, but we must play our part to elevate and preserve nature. Our intervention is to be there to ensure that the natural flow of nature leads to the balance and quality we enjoy in our wines. And we do so, with an absolute minimum of manipulation: our grapes are grown organically, then simply set forth along the unforced path of fermentation into wine, with nothing added and nothing taken away.


Also, we advocate for time and patience. For us, extended aging is fundamental to create wines that are balanced, stable, and can be bottled without fining or filtering. We use real cork because it's the only wine closure that is renewable, and that allows for the right amount of oxygen exposure for wine to properly bottle age.