Winegrowing philosophy

Minimal-low intervention




While the whole industry struggles to agree on one natural wine definition, for us, it is very straightforward: our wines are the result of working within and together with nature. Our philosophy of winegrowing is rooted in making wines that reflect their place in the world, wines that are made in the vineyard.

Robert Clay Vineyards winegrowing is quality driven. When it comes to wines that reflect the genius of an individual site, there are no substitutes for the very essential collaboration between man, earth, and vine. It has to be a gentle and intuitive partnership. To honor it, in the vineyard, we go above and beyond to do what is best for the vine and the land using the most organic and sustainable practices possible. It is with tremendous patience and courage that we care for each and every vine: everything is done by hand, and our fingerprints are on every cluster of grapes. It's our passion for the vine, attention to detail, and minimal intervention throughout the entire process that provides for the highest quality fruit each vintage. 

We believe in sensitive, responsive, and thoughtful techniques that respect biodiversity: respect the local flora and fauna, make great use of the amazing clone diversity, work with 11 varietals, and explore playfully with micro vinifications. 

Trusting nature's wisdom, we dedicate a lot of time to observing and working with the vines to provide us with the best fruits. Robert Clay is dedicated to making wines of personality and individual character.