Dan truly believes that quality and proximity are important, and he likes being present throughout the growing season to feel the rhythm of it. Ensuring a healthy balance with the natural landscape enables Dan to create the best environment for plant growth.

In Texas, the growing season begins as early as February, when buds start to break, and extends into the still-sweltering days of fall. The longer that grapes ripen, the more sugars and flavor concentration they develop, which means more robust wines—and a higher percentage of alcohol. For the past years, Dan has been focusing on mastering canopy management and irrigation techniques to lower sugar and alcohol levels, and balance them out with natural acidity. Nourishing our land means to connect between healthy soils and healthy people. Choosing the right picking date has become paramount to achieving balanced, vibrant, yet complex wines with character and tons of personality.

We aim to print the terroir, land, and vintage into the bottle, so you can enjoy our part of the world and its history, by drinking our wines wherever you are.