Presque Vin Naturel

The "Natural Wine" production specifications require Organic or Biodynamic certification and prohibit the use of inputs and winemaking techniques qualified as “brutal,” such as cross-flow filtration, flash pasteurization, thermovinification and reverse osmosis. When it comes to the presence of sulfites, up to 30 mg/l of total H2SO4 is allowed in all types of wine. 

None of our wines to-date are worthy of the Natural Wine label. Today we are not Organic or Biodynamic certified, so we choose not to label any of our wines as "Natural Wines" until we are either Organic or Biodynamic certified. Any of our wines containing #PresqueVinNaturel on the label simply means they were produced using Organically "farmed" vines and no "brutal" inputs or winemaking techniques were used.  We like to call them "Presque Vin Naturel" or "Almost Natural Wine". 

Our hats go off to those that have been able to label their wines as "Natural", it's a goal we have on our horizons, but until then take comfort in the fact that our wines labeled 
#PresqueVinNaturel are about as close to Nature as a wine can get without being certified.

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